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Xylan 1424 – The Greener Alternative

At Sandwell we are always looking at greener and more environmentally friendly alternatives to our processes, to either reduce waste or reduce our impact on the environment.

Xylan 1424 is a waterborne equivalent of Xylan 1070 – one of our most popular coatings which offers a balanced performance of excellent corrosion resistance and low friction properties and is frequently selected for its electrical insulation properties.

After some extensive tests on the electrical insulation of 1424, we have found the electrical insulation performance to be equivalent to Xylan 1070 (approx. 50V/µm).

What is Xylan 1424?

Xylan 1424 is a premium high technology fluoropolymer coating system that has been engineered to provide exceptional corrosion protection. The system was developed to meet the demand for improved protection, provides a hard, durable uniform, low friction coating which is capable of continuous operation at temperature extremes.

During the application of the Xylan 1424 system an inert barrier layer is bonded to the surface of the substrate being treated. This barrier provides a hard, clean surface finish that provides extremely long lasting protection against corrosion and weathering, and prevents electrochemical degradation.

Xylan 1424 system outperforms other finishes, including zinc/chromate, galvanising and cadmium plating. Furthermore, the application process does not require the use of pickling or plating solutions thus eliminating the danger of hydrogen embrittlement which can weaken the metal substrate.

  • As Xylan 1424 is waterborne it does not suffer from the environmental pollution problems associated with coatings containing cadmium, chromium and other toxic substances.
  • The Xylan 1424 system is extremely versatile. It can withstand wide fluctuations in temperature (from -40°C to +175°C) and can be applied to a wide variety of substrates.
  • The Xylan 1424 system is a cost effective solution by its ability to increase part life, reduce maintenance costs and improve productivity.

This type of coating is also VOC-compliant for environmentally sensitive and sustainable applications.

VOC-compliant is an abbreviation of the term “volatile organic compound-compliant.” This refers to a system, substance or application that adheres to governmental regulations regarding volatile organic compounds.

Volatile organic compounds (VOCs) are substances that are a key reactant in the formation of atmospheric smog and ozone. Volatile organic compounds react with nitrogen oxides in the presence of sunlight to form smog, which is a toxic environmental hazard.

Governments have created regulations regarding what quantity of VOCs are permitted when using products that release VOCs. Products that meet the regulations are considered to be compliant.

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