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Technology Cluster Report

MEPC have collaborated with experts in the motorsport industry to present a report on their findings about the Evolution of the High Performance Technology and Motorsport Cluster. The report was published in May and is aimed at achieving further recognition for the motorsport industry in the UK. It found that “the area around Silverstone is home to significant business activity in the field of high performance technology and motorsport (HPTM). This displays many of the attributes of an adaptive and knowledge rich cluster. The report includes case studies of prominent examples from the sector as a backbone to cement the importance of having such a cluster and the economic and technological benefits that it brings with it.

Technical Director, Colin McGrory of Sandwell was approached to add one of these case studies for the report due to his high profile within the industry and also the high calibre of work and clients that Sandwell have.  Located in Towcester, close to the famous Silverstone Circuit, Sandwell are at the heart of the cluster that is known as Motorsport Valley. What makes them such a significant example for the report is that the services they provide are often essential but, due to their highly technological nature, are not easily done in-house. Sandwell’s expertise has been mainly focused on developing processes to improve component life, performance and reliability through surface engineering techniques and procedures.

The business originally was set up with the aim of providing Formula 1 teams and suppliers with advanced, high-tech solutions delivered on time and in budget. The technology it has been able to develop has since grown and transferred into oil and gas, aerospace, medical and many other sectors.

“It is a great honour to be recognized as an integral part of the Motorsport Cluster and be featured in what is essentially a very important document for the motorsport industry. Sandwell started out only providing for the motorsport industry but our service has grown and has now become synonymous with many other industries. It goes to show how important it is to promote and develop the technology that we create within our cluster as the majority of it is transferable to other industries in the UK” commented Colin McGrory, Technical Director of Sandwell.

Click here to read the evolution of the high performance technology and motorsport cluster summary document.

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