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Super Superfinish!

While Sandwell continues to develop their superfinishing capability to meet the needs of its F1 and other high end customers, every so often, they get asked to assist with some pretty special projects. One of these was the restoration of a 1937 Bugatti 57S. Sandwell were commissioned to Superfinish transmissions parts and the camshafts for this magnificent car.

Sandwell have recently expanded their superfinishing capabilities with the addition of another top of the range superfinishing machine. Not only can Sandwell now produce surface finishes in the sub 0.1 Ra region, but also cater for large (up to 1 m long) components.

Given this expertise, Sandwell were asked to Superfinish the camshafts of the Classic Bugatti, as it is an ideal process to reduce friction on critical surfaces such as on gears, crankshafts, rockers, etc.

Below are some images illustrating the process; left-to-right we see the pre-process part, the middle image shows the shaft as it is masked in preparation for the process. The final image shows the finished part.

Sandwell have an extensive range of Superfinishing machines available, and these can be used in conjunction with the SMAP, a specialised advanced Superfinishing machine, capable of superfinishing specific details such as small radii and internal details.

Contact the team at Sandwell to find out more about the Superfinishing options available.

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