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Sapheria Project

Initiated by Formula Gravity, the aim of the Sapheria Projectis to highlight engineering as a career to get into. Within the project, a jet powered car is being created.

The background

Formula Gravity Ltd has an enviable record since 2002 for pushing the frontiers of invention, design and accomplishment to excite and create engineering excellence.

This project enhances key skills as well as cross curricular links combined with building team skills to succeed.

The SAPHERIA Jet powered car, will involve students and young people and companies where ever possible.

The intention is to eventually give this unique vehicle a home in a museum for education courses. Brooklands Museum has already shown interest and might like to have it after they have seen it first. The Sapheria will then be used for education ad infinitum.

An application to demonstrate the vehicle at the Goodwood Festival of Speed 2022  is already in!

The vehicle

The vehicle will be called the SAPHERIA.

Don Wales, the Grandson of Malcolm Campbell, will become our guest driver.

The Sapheria will be an “apprentice piece” for demonstration only. NOT for speed records. Health and Safety is paramount in the project and H/S will form a special study for the project.

The vehicle is being built on the tried and tested Formula Gravity spaceframe and running gear to a high ‘motorsport’ standard. The team have spent serious time designing CAD for the vehicle and involved some 25 specialist companies.

Powered by a jet turbine, and an electric engine our hybrid will look to the future of engineering. Aspects of future energy requirements and sustainability will be a special topic.

Our involvement

Here at Sandwell, we have been involved in coating various parts for the vehicle, using Fosgard 109.

This is a lightweight phosphate coating with excellent adhesion properties. It is a single or dual coat phosphate paint system that affords good resistance to chemical attack and is especially suited to environments where brake fluid and similar oils are present. Fosgard lightweight coating provides a durable black satin finish.

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