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Sandwell Upgrades ISO Accreditation

Well ahead of the September 2018 deadline, Sandwell have achieved the latest ISO 9001 (2015) accreditation. The 2015 update represents a significant step change over the previous revision, in that it has seen a significant shift from a check and improvement methodology to a more preventive methodology. Sandwell’s Quality Manager Guy Lund explains:

“We have kept up-to-date with all the different step upgrades of the ISO accreditation, and the latest 2015 update shifts the emphasis quite a bit, in that it looks much more into risk based thinking. This has allowed us to bring in some new systems and processes to further improve quality control.”

“For instance, we have a risk register to help us identify potential issue before they arise, and we have also put in place various anti-counterfeit measures in our sourcing processes.” He continues; “In the feedback we received from the auditors, we were complimented on the robustness of our systems and the new measures we have put in place, which is obviously good to hear.”

Not only did Sandwell achieve the new 2015 standard, they also achieved the specific aerospace addition, AS9100 Revision D. This means that Sandwell have the highest possible aerospace accreditation achievable. According to Guy, this is down not just to the systems Sandwell have developed in-house, but also to the team there:

“Quality at Sandwell is not a single department issue, but rather something that is understood and appreciated by everyone within the company. Our customers need to have complete confidence in the quality we can deliver. We are very much here to ensure that we deliver on price, quality and on time, and those are values that everybody in the company holds very high.”

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