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Sandwell Staff Profile: Peter Dix

Northampton born Peter Dix, Sandwell’s Production Manager, joined the company in 2016, having sold the specialist engineering firm he co-owned. In the years before, Peter had a variety of engineering roles, and when searching for his next challenge, came across Sandwell.

The nature of Sandwell’s work and the empathy Peter had for Colin and Liz running a specialist engineering firm appealed to Peter and so he took on the role of Production Manager.

In this role, Peter overseas the production processes at Sandwell, a challenging role at this time of the year as he explains: “in the run up to the F1 season, all the teams we work with are flat out getting their cars ready, and they come to us for the treatment of a lot of their components. This can lead to some interesting challenges as time scales are extremely short and lining up the various processes to ensure each customer get what they need when they need it, means we need to be flexible, quick on our feet and obviously we cannot compromise on the quality at any stage.”

This is obviously challenging, but the role is also rewarding especially as the team at Sandwell are well suited to the task. “The team at Sandwell is great. We have a really good team of excellent people who all understand our ethos. They are all focused on achieving the right result and they make things happen.” Peter explains “that is crucial in a high-pressure atmosphere like this.”

Things are not only challenging during the F1 car build “season” during the rest of the year, the many customers in motorsport, oil & gas, automotive and aerospace keep the team busy, and of course there is also the matter of continuously streamlining and improving the processes. “Given the very specialised nature of our work, every detail counts and we are always looking to improve our processes, techniques and technologies in order to ensure we can deliver the performance gains, quality and turn around times our customers need.”

As a lifelong motorsport fan, Peter enjoys seeing the cars in action; “it is rewarding to see some of the cars that you know have components on that you have helped create do well and be successful. It’s a nice thing to see.”

Peter’s love for 4-wheeled things does not end there as he is also restoring a 1953 Ford Consul in his spare time, and when he wants a break from all things mechanical he enjoys watching the Northampton Saints and Towcester rugby clubs, who he used to play for.

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