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Sandwell Expands Operations

Sound recruitment has always been a key aspect of growth at Sandwell; we are always looking to enhance our experience and expertise, and with that in mind we are very pleased to announce the arrival of two new members of staff:

Production Manager Peter Dix
Peter comes to us with a wealth of experience, having run his own specialist engineering business for over 15 years. After selling the business, Peter was keen to take up a new challenge: “We ran quite a niche engineering business, which meant there was no suitable “off-the-shelf” equipment or machinery readily available, and so we developed the technology in house to meet our engineering requirements,” he explains. “After we sold the busine ss I was keen to explore this area further; really getting your teeth into engineering challenges and coming up with innovative solutions to meet them. Joining Sandwell allows me to do exactly that.”

Peter is responsible for managing all the resources at Sandwell, which means ensuring that all the machines are operated efficiently and to capacity, in addition to making sure that customers’ requirements are met. “Things move quickly here at Sandwell, so it is paramount that everything runs smoothly and precisely” he mentions. “on top of that, we have customers with very precise and exacting standards, and obviously it is our job to meet these. We invest a lot of time and effort in making sure that we can meet all the challenges thrown at us, and succeeding at that is very rewarding.”

Research Engineer Ben McGrory
If Sandwell was ever to have a Mystic Meg style future teller, Ben would be the closest thing to it. As Research Engineer, Ben is largely responsible for helping Sandwell maintain our technological edge.

Having worked as a metrology engineer, and after a spell at the Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre in Sheffield, Ben is working on our technological future, today.

“Currently, we are working on an InnovateUK sponsored project looking at flexible finishing for additive components, which is really quite interesting” Ben says. “We are working on this with various industry, educational and government partners, and there is very little doubt that additive manufacturing will grow and grow over the coming years, so it is good to be right at the forefront of that area of technology.”

Ben’s role not only involves working on high-level government sponsored projects, he also undertakes much of the internal R&D work for Sandwell, as he explains; “We work in a fast-moving environment, so keeping abreast of the latest technology is crucial. We are constantly looking at bettering our technology and processes, and we have working heavily on automation and robotic technology to help with that, so it’s very exciting.”

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