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Introducing RoboPeen

Over the years, Sandwell have built up a sound reputation for pushing the boundaries within surface engineering, and its latest innovation, RoboPeen, represent another significant step to further enhance that reputation.

RoboPeen was born out of a desire not to just push technological boundaries, but specifically to deliver a solution for the integration of CAD models and scanned surfaces into a programmable process.

After substantial in-house research and development, RoboPeen cumulates in a 8-axis synchronous shot peening cell. This set-up allows for a not before seen level of agility and can therefore deliver outstanding shot peening results. Key to these results are the semi-automated programming algorithms, that allow for both the angle of impingement as well as the standoff to be optimised throughout the entire process. This further provides a positional accuracy unachievable by more conventional methods.

“RoboPeen is really the next step in shot peening” comments Sandwell Technical Director Colin McGrory. “It allows for greater accuracy and consistency and essentially allows us to execute jobs that were previously not feasible. Another great aspect of RoboPeen is that it offers an extremely high level of process traceability and repeatability, as we produce visible process maps indicating both nozzle path and component orientation at any given time.”

Developing RoboPeen took substantial investment in time and resource, but Colin feels confident the efforts were worth it; “we do a tremendous amount of research and development to ensure that we can provide our customers with the latest technologies, processes and methodologies available. RoboPeen is a product of this drive, and it allows us to offer solutions that no-one else can”.

When utilising RoboPeen, a pre-process simulation is created, and the programme can be edited at every stage thus not only providing visibility of the complete process, but the ability to precisely define, execute and monitor the process.

“We take great pride in having developed RoboPeen, as it ensures we can offer our clients, more accurate, more consistent and more intricate solutions, and there is no doubt that we will see more and more projects demanding this sort of level of precision in the coming years,” Colin concludes.

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