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Since Sandwell’s inception in 1997, we have been working with Whitford Worldwide, the UK producers of Xylan industrial coatings.

In the early days, we primarily applied the Xylan coatings to rally car suspension components, Xylan’s corrosion and abrasive resistant and non-stick attributes making it ideal for this environment.

Since then, having worked with Whitford and gained their “Recommended Coater” accreditation, we consider the application of Xylan coatings as a core business stream. This means that all key staff receive both Whitford’s and in-house training, continuously building on our years of experience with the products. As various grades of Xylan exist, our staff are ideally placed to help customers select the most appropriate solution for their application, which may include utilising different industrial coatings that Sandwell can also apply.

Specific details on the benefits of Xylan can be found here, but this low friction coating offers good wear resistance as well as chemical and corrosion existence. It has a wide range of operating temperatures (-250degC to +285 degC) and offers exceptional pliability, machinability and adhesion. Last but not least it comes a in a wide range of colours, each offering additional benefits.

Given its versatility and wide range of potential applications, it is no surprise that demand is high and increasing and so at Sandwell we have recently invested in doubling our coating capacity with the installation of a new “clean” coating facility at our premises in Towcester. This new facility, as well as our long standing technical partnership with Whitford, allows us to meet the needs of newer technologies adopted by the automotive sector. Please do contact us if you wish to discuss more.

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