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Kephos has been replaced with Fosgard 109

For many years, Sandwell has been one of the leading experts in applying Kephos coatings to components. It offers exceptional chemical and corrosion resistance, despite being a thin coating, making it ideal for numerous precision applications.

Upon discovering that Kephos was to be discontinued, Sandwell have been working with coating suppliers and manufacturers to source a suitable alternative. After thorough research and analysis this alternative has been found in Fosgard 109, a new-to-market coating with identical properties to Kephos.

“At Sandwell, quality control and consistency of delivery is of paramount importance,“ explains Technical Director Colin McGrory. “As a result, when we learned that the Kephos coating was to be discontinued we launched a thorough investigation to find a suitable alternative. We are pleased to now offer the Fosgard 109 coating, which matches the Kephos coating to such a detailed degree, we are satisfied our customers will notice no difference between the two products.”

“Offering this coating means that we can continue to ensure the same quality coating and service delivery our customers expect from Sandwell,” he concludes.

If any customers have any questions or would like a trial sample of the product finish we would be happy to provide one, so please contact or your regular Sandwell contact.

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