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FlexiFinish Launched at MTC

FlexiFinish, a new methodology developed for the finishing of Additive Manufactured parts was launched at the MTC in Coventry on June 18th.

Sandwell have been one of the partners on the project, adding shotpeening, finishing and process expertise. The FlexiFinish methodology effectively integrates specific scanning and measurement technology with both linishing and laser polishing operations to create a full-circle, fully automated and controlled process to finish Additive Manufactured (AM) parts.

A video illustrating the process can be found here:

To view a video of a case study component please go to:

Achieving an accurate finish on AM parts has long been a challenge, and FlexiFinish is a significant step towards resolving this. Colin McGrory, Sandwell’s Technical Director, comments: “FlexiFinish was a really interesting project for us to get involved in. AM is undoubtedly a technology that will become increasingly prevalent in modern manufacturing, and so the finishing processes involved are a key area of development for us.”

“Working with the other project partners has been a good experience, and of course, we are pleased to be able to contribute to the project and move finishing of AM parts forward” he continues. “With the technology and knowledge we have developed here we can make sure that we continue to meet the needs of our customers, especially those who are continuously pushing the boundaries in manufacturing.”

For more information of FlexiFinish, please visit or contact the team at Sandwell.

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