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Finishing Technician Finishes Apprenticeship

As a high-performance engineering company, the state and future of the UK engineering sector is or great importance to Sandwell. In order to help develop the next generation of engineers and to keep fresh talent coming into the company, Sandwell have worked with Northampton College’s apprenticeship scheme for the last 5 years.

Over the years, Sandwell have helped five young engineers take their first steps on their engineering career. The latest apprentice coming through the system is Megan Ducker, who now has a full time role at Sandwell as a Finishing Technician.

Megan spent her apprenticeship at Sandwell learning about all of the different processes and by the end of her time as an apprentice was capable of carrying out many different surface engineering processes such as Shot Peening, Bead Blasting, Chemi Blacking, Satinising and many more.  Megan’s course consisted of a combination of theoretical modules, combined with practical, on-the-job training at Sandwell, where Megan worked 5 days a week.

“When I started my apprenticeship at Sandwell I found that it was better for me to learn from experience rather than being shown on paper. This hands-on approach has enabled me to learn about the practical elements of my role at Sandwell as well as improving my ability to apply this knowledge to my studies” commented Megan.

“It was fascinating to learn about all the different processes,“ she continued, “as well as the various method of operating. Obviously, Sandwell has a number of ISO accreditations in place, and it was good to be exposed to that “best practice” way of working.”

“Megan has done extremely well with us over the past four years and is a prime example of how great our apprentices get on and develop here at Sandwell. Obviously, we are extremely pleased to welcome Megan on board as a full-time member of staff” commented Liz Slater, Managing Director. “I am sure that Megan will continue her impressive development in her new role. Our next apprentice, Daniel, who will be joining us in August has some big shoes to fill, but we would like to welcome him as the newest member of the team and wish him good luck!”

Click here to see the case study of Megan’s apprenticeship journey.

If you are interested in an engineering apprenticeship visit the Northampton College Website or if you would like more information on the services that Sandwell have to offer, contact Liz Slater on +44(0)1327 350205 or

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