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Xylan Non-Conductive Coating

The advent of Automotive and Aerospace electrical drive systems has brought about an increased demand for  Xylan Non-Conductive Coating.

Sandwell has many years experience in the application of such coatings and has a powerful database of coating types, thicknesses and their relative performance.

Offering good dielectric properties along with superb corrosion coating protection and high levels of PTFE / FEP. They also provide excellent performance at extremely high pressures, up to 150,000 PSI (10,500 kg/cm²). The properties can be further enhanced with the ability to layer several coats of product to form a high build finish. This series of coatings is available in a range of colours. RAL colour matching is also possible for many coating grades in this series.

Resistance of the coating is a function of the coating thickness and typically we can achieve up to 3Kv at a thickness of 50µm, thicknesses up to 100µm can be achieved by this method.

Masking of very complex shapes both internally and externally is possible and Sandwell prides itself on the skill and experience of its masking team, combining traditional skills with laser cutting of masking materials and producing 3D masks using in house additive manufacturing methods.

The process lends itself well to Busbars as well as complex motor housings where high resistance is required and limited space is available.

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Xylan Non-Conductive Coating Properties

  • Temperature range – 195 to 285C
  • Colour – range available
  • Typical coating range 20µm – 100µm
  • Optional Primer Available.

Xylan Non-Conductive Coating Benefits and Features

  • Good dielectric properties
  • Predictable coatings thickness
  • High build available
  • Good weather proofing
  • Colour range available
  • Suitable for busbars
  • Electrical housings
  • High voltage enclosures
  • Electric Motor housings
  • Generator systems

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