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Xylan Conductive Coating

The Xylan Conductive Coating is just one of our products offered at Sandwell.

Most of our coatings have good dielectric strength, making them good insulators, Xylan formulations are available that offer varying degrees of electrical conductivity. These formulations are often the preferred choice of engineered coating for applications where there is a need to dissipate static electricity. The formulas can be adjusted to range from static dissipation to full conductivity if required.

As with Xylan products, these coating varieties offer up to 3000 hours salt spray resistance.

Xylan Conductive Coating

Properties include;

  • Temperature range – 195 to 285C
  • Colour – Black
  • Typical coating thickness 20µm ±5
  • Optional Primer Available.


Xylan Conductive Coating

This type of coating has a rang of different features and benefits and can be used for various applications.

Benefits and Features

  • Elevated corrosion resistance
  • Superb high pressure performance
  • Suitable for sub sea application
  • Wide working temperature
  • Optional primer
  • Can be used to dissipate static
  • Earthing of electrical and electronic enclosures

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