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Kephos Lightweight Coating

Kephos has now been replaced by Fosgard 109 Coating. This is a lightweight phosphate coating with excellent adhesion properties. It is a single or dual coat phosphate paint system that affords good resistance to chemical attack and is especially suited to environments where brake fluid and similar oils are present. Fosgard lightweight coating provides a durable black satin finish. One of the main advantages is that due to its coating thickness of 10µm it is possible to inspect for cracks using magnetic, ultrasonic and x-ray techniques without the need for coating removal.

Kephos Lightweight Coating


  • Temperature range – to 230C
  • Colour – Black
  • Typical coating thickness 10µm
  • Suitable for coating onto metallic components and fabrications.

Kephos Lightweight Coating

More information on the benefits, features and uses of Kephos lightweight coating

Benefits and Features

The main benefits and features of this type of lightweight coating are;

  • High chemical resistance
  • Thin coating requirements
  • Crack detection without stripping
  • Good abrasion resistance
  • Variable curing options

Typical Applications

This type of lightweight coating is used regularly – some of the typical applications are;

  • Ideal for weight limited application
  • Race car suspension
  • Brackets and mountings
  • Engine frames
  • Fasteners

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