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Capacity Expansion

Following the recent factory upgrades, Sandwell’s planned capacity expansion continues apace with two key acquisitions.

The first of these is the installation of a state-of-the-art laser cutter, representing a vital upgrade to process flow and quality in the company, as Production Manager Peter Dix explains: “This is a great step forward for Sandwell and significantly improves our response time and accuracy of masking. It allows us to think outside the box when we consider how to approach our process cycles”.

The laser cutter has a software resolution of 20,000 dpi, an electronic precision of <0.01mm and repeatability of 0.1mm, with the ability to cut materials up to 10mm thick.

Another significant investment is the imminent delivery of Residual Stress measuring equipment, which will elevate Sandwell right to the front of the UK surface Engineering and analysis industry, as Technical Director Colin McGrory highlights:

“Being able to measure Residual Stress on components both pre and post process is a significant technological step forward and demonstrates our ability to close the loop on shot peening. This is also a significant research tool and will be used intensively during our research programmes.”

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