Residual Stress Measurement

Residual stresses are those which are ‘locked in’ to a component, and can affect the behaviour of a component in service. Tensile residual stresses are sometimes present as a result of manufacturing processes and can have a negative effect on the fatigue life of a part in service. Shot Peening is a proven method for inducing compressive residual stresses in a component which can significantly increase the life of the component in service.
Sandwell’s residual stress equipment uses ESPI (Electronic Speckle Pattern Interferometry) to measure the minute displacements around a small drilled hole in the surface of a component. Through repeated measurements a residual stress profile is produced which shows the magnitude and direction of stresses at different depths from the surface. This information can be used to tailor a shot peening process to a specific material and application, or can be used simply to verify the shot peening process. Contact us to discuss how residual stress measurement can help in ensuring you are getting the maximum performance benefits from your components.