Advanced Technology & Innovation

Sandwell UK Ltd is a highly professional company focused on specialist surface engineering solutions for top level clients. Specialist skills with excellent product knowledge in Shot Peening technologies and Surface Engineering are key to the company’s success. We are always pushing surface finishing boundaries with new innovative techniques, whilst always meeting our customers needs and expectations.

3D Scanning

Benefits and Features
  • In house high resolution facility
  • Data produced in .stl file format
  • Can be used for reverse engineering
  • Use to compare actual surface to CAD model

Robotic Technology

Benefits and Features
  • In house capability to develop robotic applications
  • Developed in-house robic shot peening facility
  • Ongoing refinement of robotic tools
  • Process and standard driven technology

Surface Analysis

Benefits and Features
  • In-house digital microscopy
  • In-house surface condition monitoring Ra, Rz, Rpq
  • Combined pre & post process analysis
  • Used in surface analysis for Superfinishing processes

Software Development

Benefits and Features
  • Sandwell develops in-house software suites
  • Used to enhance and improve feedback on internal automation projects
  • Links into proprietary software
  • In-house integration of Sandwell production software

Additive Manufacturing

Benefits and Features
  • Net shaping manufacturing
  • In-house methods for improvement of surface finish
  • Work with DLS, RP and Additive components

Residual Stress Measurement

Benefits and Features
  • Residual stresses are those which are "locked in" to a component, and can affect the behaviour of a component in service.
  • Sandwell's in house Residual Stress equipment can produce a residual stress profile to verify component performance or to tune process parameters to suit a particular application.