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About Sandwell

Sandwell UK Ltd is a highly professional company focused on specialist surface engineering solutions for top level clients. Specialist skills with excellent product knowledge in shot peening technologies and surface engineering are key to the company’s success. We are always pushing surface finishing boundaries with new innovative techniques.

The Directors of Sandwell UK Ltd, Colin McGrory and Liz Slater, established the company in 1997 with the core values of providing consistently high quality processing combined with excellent customer service. These values have been motivational and a key to the continuing success of Sandwell and remain at the heart of the company.

Sandwell UK operations and technical centre

Sandwell’s new operations and technical centre.

The means of achieving and sustaining those core values has involved the recruitment of a dedicated and skilled workforce. The investment in new staff and a continuous programme of staff development has allowed Sandwell to maintain both its high standards and expertise in recent advanced technology.

This is combined with a strategy of continuous investment in machines, equipment and technology which is supported by a multi-million pound investment in a new operations and technical centre adjacent to the current facility.

 Colin McGrory - Sandwell UK


Technical Director

Colin is the driving force behind Sandwell’s technical advancement. A background as a metallurgist working in Aerospace and a 21 year career in Formula One Motorsport provide the technical knowledge of process and advanced engineering that is the foundation for Sandwell’s activities. Colin serves on the SAE International Committee for Shot Peening and is always looking for new ways to offer superior engineered finishes, and solve ever changing technological challenges. He is happy to offer his knowledge, experience, and wealth of expertise. He enjoys the opportunity to work with customer to find solutions – the more challenging, the better!

Liz Slater - Sandwell UK

Liz Slater

Managing Director

Liz ensures that Sandwell meets its responsibilities to customers and to staff on a day to day basis. This includes providing the workforce with a high level of support, and equipment and training they need to work to best effect. She considers customers liaison to be an important part of her role. Her intention is to ensure that Sandwell maintains the excellent customer support the company is renowned for. Sandwell’s reputation for good customer service has become a matter of pride over the years, and is something that Liz ensures is never compromised.

Benjamin McGrory - Sandwell UK

Benjamin McGrory


Prior to joining Sandwell Ben has worked in the fields of Metrology and Automation for 8 years. Initially training as a Metrology Engineer at a Research Foundry Ben later worked within the Metrology Lab at the University of Sheffield’s Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre (AMRC), and later went on to be Technical Lead in Large Volume Metrology at the AMRC.
During this time Ben has worked on metrology and automation projects for major Aerospace OEMs. At Sandwell Ben is working on machine automation, incorporating 3D scanning technology and robotics, and also on our collaborative research projects.

Sarah McGrory - Sandwell UK

Sarah McGrory


Sarah is often the first point of contact for Sandwell’s customers. Her aim is to ensure that our customer’s requirements are communicated to the production team and it will often by Sarah who liaises with customers whilst their work is in process. Sarah also heads our finance and admin department and will deal with any queries as they occur. She is part of the new generation of Sandwell management and brings fresh ideas to develop the company and its operations.

Gary Wood - Sandwell UK

Gary Wood

Production Manager

Gary has over 25 years working as a professional engineering manager, in fast paced production environments. He has worked in several different areas which has given him a sound understanding of production, sales and customer expectations. He is able to evaluate different scenarios , process the problems and produce a solution that is acceptable to all – both inside and outside the organisation.

As Production Manager, Gary is key to ensuring we meet our customers (often demanding) turnaround requirements whenever possible. He is always keen to walk that fine line between customer satisfaction and company efficiency trying to meet customers needs in the most efficient and cost effective manner.

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