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Apprenticeship Case study

Apprenticeship Case Study – Megan Ducker

Megan is currently completing an Apprenticeship as a Finishing Technician at Sandwell a specialised surface engineering company based in Towcester.

“Carrying out my Apprenticeship at Sandwell has been really rewarding and I feel so much more motivated to learn than I did at school. It’s great to earn a qualification and progress in a career you love, especially when it helps you to become financially independent and confident in your own skills.

I first took an interest in cars when I was about 14. My friend was a mechanic but I didn’t really think about engineering as a career. However, after three months of studying engineering as an NVQ during my A-levels, I realised that it was what I wanted to do and it was the only reason I enjoyed going to school.

When I started my Apprenticeship at Sandwell I found that it was better for me to learn from experience rather than being shown on paper. This hands-on approach has enabled me to learn about the practical elements of my role as well as improving my ability to apply this knowledge to my studies. My college tutor is very approachable and understanding. He has supported me throughout my Apprenticeship and I know that I can go to him with any questions.

I feel extremely lucky to work within a team that is so welcoming and friendly. There are a number of talented female engineers who encourage me and help to create a great working environment.  Some of my friends were sceptical about my decision to complete an Apprenticeship, but I decided to throw myself in at the deep end. I am so glad that I did because now they realise that it was the right choice for me because I am doing something I love.

I am visiting a number of secondary schools in the coming months to talk about my experience with Northampton College in the hope that I can inspire other young women to consider a career in engineering.

I thoroughly enjoy every aspect of my job and once I have progressed enough in my current role, my dream is to join the RAF and work in aerodynamics.”

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